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Lazy River Live at Club 66 on 1976-10-25

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Lazy River Live at Club 66 on 1976-10-25


Lazy River "pick-up band"

Club 66
St Louis, MO
October 25, 1976 (close guess)

SBD mixed and taped by Monte Barry

SBD > Nakamichi 550 > Dolby NR > Sony C-90 cassettes

MC > Nakamichi LX-3 > Samplitude > TLH > Flac

set 1
d1t01 Farewell Blues
d1t02 Sitting on Top of The World [4]
d1t03 Steam Powered Aereoplane [2]
d1t04 Sunny Side of The Mountain [2]
d1t05 Dixie Blues [4]
d1t06 That's What I Like About The South [5]
d1t07 Tennessee Blues [4]
d1t08 Sally Goodin'
d1t09 Sweetheart of Mine [2]
d1t10 Blue Eyes Crying in The Rain [3]
d1t11 Sweet Georgia Brown

set 2
d1t12 Louise [4]
d1t13 instrumental unknown
d1t14 Cowboy Song [3]*
d1t15 Take The A-Train [5]
d1t16 I'm Not The Only One [2]
d2t01 Friend of The Devil [4] > Blackberry Blossom
d2t02 Four Walls [2]
d2t03 Cherokee Maiden [1]
d2t04 Bottle Baby Boogie [5]
d2t05 Look Away [2]**
d2t06 Beaumont Rag
d2t07 Las Vegas [4]

set 3
d2t08 My Window Faces The South [1]
d2t09 Chop Those Cotton Balls [1]
d2t10 Time Changes Everything [2]
d2t11 Remington's Ride
d2t12 Milk Cow Blues [2]
d2t13 Big River [2]

Lazy River band:
Bill Millet - lead vocals [1], banjo, and rhythm guitar
Bob Briedenbach - lead vocals [2], dobro, lap steel and pedal steel guitars
John Jump - lead vocals [3], acoustic and electric guitars
Eric Weber - lead vocals [4], mandolin
Bruce Cromer - lead vocals [5], clarinet, saxophone
Frank Heyer - electric guitar
John Bieser - electric bass
Pat O'Conner - drums

* Cowboy Song - original tune
-- written and sung by John Jump

** Look Away
-- unknown harmonica player

Monte Barry is the Soundman

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Collection LazyRiver
Band/Artist Lazy River
Venue Club 66
Location St. Louis, Missouri

Source SBD > Nakamichi 550 > Dolby NR > Sony C-90 cassettes
Lineage MC > Nakamichi LX-3 > Samplitude > TLH > Flac
Taped by Monte Barry
Transferred by Monte Barry


Sound system by Monte Barry and Lazy River band
SBD mix and recording by Monte

taped, transferred, and remastered by Monte Barry

-- John Jump is "sitting in" for this gig, after having quit Lazy River band a couple of months earlier. This show is performed "as is" without extra rehearsals.

Lazy River

The Lazy River band was based in Louisville, KY in 1976. The original band members play on this tape: John Jump, Robert Pool, Vince Gill, Bill Millet, and Bob Briedenbach. Vince Gill and John Jump were the frontmen. Vince was the main lead vocalist. He played electric mandolin, fiddle, and accoustic & electric guitars. John Jump sang lead vocals, wrote original songs, and played guitars. Lazy River band's soul, energy, creativity, and charisma were built around this powerful duo. The diversity of Lazy River's songs depicts the many influences that the band had adopted as its own: bluegrass, newgrass, western swing, Hank Williams, country rock, Grateful Dead, and jazz... and a Hippie Soundman.

All the Lazy River band artists were formerly members of the Bluegrass Alliance band at the same time, with Lonnie Peerce. They all left this band together when they formed the Lazy River band in 1976. Similarly, Sam Bush and founding members of the Newgrass Revival band were also members of the Bluegrass Alliance band together in 1971, with Lonnie Peerce. Sam and the other artists all left the Alliance together when they formed the Newgrass Revival band. It shold be noted that Tony Rice and Dan Crary were former members of Bluegrass Alliance. We have a YouTube clip of Bluegrass Alliance with Tony Rice and Sam Bush shown as members of this band in 1971.

Monte Barry was soundman for the Bluegrass Alliance in 1975 & 1976. Band members and Monte were roommates together at Harry Bickel's place. It was a musical jamming house in Louisville. Monte also worked as a videotape operator at a TV station in Louisville. When the Lazy River band formed up, they asked Monte Barry if he would quit his full-time job at the TV station to become their soundman full-time. Monte agreed and he became the Lazy River soundman. Monte designed and built some custom-made wiring assemblies, and he built several stage boxes for the PA system and the monitors. Monte invested his life savings, and he purchased a sound mixer and some PA amplifiers. He already had some studio quality Electro-Voice mics that the band used, along with a pair of his Bose speaker arrays. Besides being a Hippie, Monte was also a very successful live music taper. These taping follies and sound system skills all began with Monte taping Grateful Dead shows in 1973. This is how the Lazy River sound system was born. This is why these tapes are here.

Almost immediately, Robert Pool quit his bassist job with Lazy River. He moved back to Austin. The band was putting together their promo kit for getting gigs. They made another appointment with their photographer to get their new bassist in their photo spread. The new bassist, John Bieser, was still in St. Louis. The band almost convinced Monte to pose with them in a new photo, even though he was just the soundman. After an argument, Monte ran off to his girlfriend's place. That left Lazy River no choice but to use their original photo. John Bieser plays bass on these tapes, but Robert Pool is shown in their photo.

After a couple of months, Vince Gill and John Jump left Lazy River band at the same time. This was the beginning of the end of the band. It never really got going. We never had enough paying gigs to keep everyone interested. New band members Eric Weber, Frank Heyer, Pat O'Conner, and Bruce Cromer joined the band. Now the band had 8 members and a soundman. We have them recorded on Monte's tapes playing bluegrass, swing and jazz music with violin and guitar virtuoso Mark O'Connor, at age 15, on one of their tapes. The gypsy mode was taking hold. A few months later it was over.


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This is a really great band. Not my favorite show by them, slightly cloudy recording.
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